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Tailored GDPR and Privacy Courses to suit your needs, company and sector

It is crucial for every company to have a security strategy in place. Trust Hogen offers services tailored for any industry, no matter how large or small – protecting both publicly traded firms as well privately held businesses with innovative solutions to fit your needs!

healthcare security with Trust Hogen


Industry Sector Healthcare The healthcare industry is vulnerable to cyber threats that can have devastating effects on patient care, research and processes Cyber Threats in

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Technology cyber security


Industry Sector Technology Protect your company from damaging attacks aimed at gaining access to sensitive information It would seem that technology affects every facet of

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energy cyber security


Industry Sector Energy Protect your company from exploited vulnerabilities The energy sector The energy sector has seen an increase in Web App attacks, social engineering

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Cyber security in finance


Industry Sector Finance Financial organisations are a prime target of cyber threats Threats on finance Financial organisations are a prime target of cyber threats. They

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Industry Sector Education How well are you protecting research, private data and financial information? Vulnerabilities in the education sector are growing with potential financial gain

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