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Financial organisations are a prime target of cyber threats

Threats on finance

Financial organisations are a prime target of cyber threats. They hold consumer data, including banks and investment companies that may not be as obvious but can still get hacked if precautions aren’t taken.

Cyber attacks are never personal. They’re about the endgame: monetary assets and vulnerabilities in processes, technology or personnel that will be used to get those with access off of their feet before they can cause any real damage – which is what makes this kind of attack so dangerous!

Insider Threats

Insider threats are a huge problem within Finance. The issue, however, is not that these employees have been maliciously leaking information to outside sources; rather it’s the complete unawareness of being an insider threat which poses more risks for those inside than anything else could ever do on its own.


Ransomware is becoming more and more popular, especially with financial organisations. The attacks on these companies have increased in number as they’re demanding high ransoms to return your data or give you access again – this takes up time that could be spent protecting against other threats like malware infections which can damage systems without warning!


Third-party risk is a serious concern for any company that handles financial information. Venders and partners alike could easily be used as backdoors by hackers who want access into your systems, so it’s important to keep them secure with strong passwords!

Security is not just about the people, processes and technology. It’s also a matter of how those three components work in tandem with each other to keep your business safe from harm.

The key element here isn’t any one thing but rather their integration into an effective approach that can detect risks before they become problems for you or others; react quickly enough when something does go wrong so as avoid loss data (or at least limit it); yet still understand what happened thoroughly enough so lessons learned don’t get lost behind forgotten details, like ‘who did this?’

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