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We pride ourselves on making data protection simple… So what can we do for you?

Our Health Check involves an initial Discovery Exercise, allowing us to determine the current Privacy Posture of your organisation. We then conduct a Gaps Analysis against the good practices we have noted over the years, before devising an in-depth Risk Paper that helps articulate your current vulnerabilities.

We have a wealth of experience with regards to embedding a Privacy First Culture into your organisation. Perhaps you need to engage your staff before the commencement of a project or maybe it’s simply a refresher for the team?

This certification will help you mitigate over 85% of your current vulnerabilities which may lead to a successful Cyber Attack. The more advanced Cyber Essentials Plus covers a similar scope but adds in the requirement to be scanned for vulnerabilities as well as producing the documented evidence you relied upon to get certificated, under the basic Cyber Essentials undertaking.

Penetration Testing, or Pen Testing for short, is essentially the deployment of an ‘Ethical Hacker’, tasked by us to test your defences! What better way to test your security and the resilience you demonstrate if an attack is successful. This is a confidential exercise, whereby we help you understand any gaps and make recommendations to help focus your remediation strategy

ISO27001 and PIMS:

ISO27001 is a world-renowned Information Security Management System that is recognised across the globe.

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About Trust Hogen

Data protection… everyone’s been talking about it, particularly since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.

The need for protecting personal data and our wider privacy isn’t a new thing, however.

As early as 1890, two US lawyers wrote The Right to Privacy, arguing that everyone has the ‘Right to be left alone…’

Over the last 130 or so years, Data Protection has evolved considerably, with huge developments in technology, the introduction of Social media platforms and the use of innovative storage via the cloud.

Now more than ever, Personal Data is being recognised as a valuable business commodity, allowing businesses to gain better oversight through data analysis, putting people within easy reach of each other through the touch of a button or simply allowing brands to target their selected audience via Direct marketing campaigns.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary and the Trust Hogen team. Gary is a very reputable guy and what I liked about him was the way he made GDPR much more simple to understand."
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