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We pride ourselves on making data protection simple… So what can we do for you?

This is essentially a discovery exercise that helps determine the current compliance position of an organisation, documenting any gaps against regulatory expectations and inherent risks that may be apparent. This can be conducted on or off-site and is our most popular product. Part of the challenge is understanding your risk exposure, whereby you can then start to plan a compliance roadmap.

In some instances, organisations now have an obligation to report a data breach within 72 hours of becoming aware of it. A timely response can help manage risk to data subjects and your organisation. So, if you want to know how to recognise, report and respond to a data incident, we can help. We an also advise on how to identify the root cause of a data breach and help implement controls or changes to processes to  mitigate the risk of a repeat incident.

Arguably the most effective activity a business can undertake is ensuring it’s staff are aware and suitably trained on what aspects of the GDPR effect their day to day job roles. Here at Trust Hogen, we can provide bespoke eLearning packages on subjects such as GDPR Basics, cyber security and how to identify Phishing and Smishing attacks If it’s a face to face input you’d like, we can do that too!

Quite often, organisations can become so focussed on ensuring compliance of customer data, that they forget their most important asset……our staff !

So whilst you must ensure your customer base is suitably safeguarded and empowered, you must also replicate good data protection practices for employees too. This will include recording HR business processes, managing data breaches and informing your people about what information you hold about them and why.

At Trust Hogen, we have become HR Data experts and have worked in organisations that employ over 85,000 colleagues globally, down to a small medium enterprise with 3 employees. To that end, you’re in safe hands.

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Data protection… everyone’s been talking about it, particularly since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.

The need for protecting personal data and our wider privacy isn’t a new thing, however.

As early as 1890, two US lawyers wrote The Right to Privacy, arguing that everyone has the ‘Right to be left alone…’

Over the last 130 or so years, Data Protection has evolved considerably, with huge developments in technology, the introduction of Social media platforms and the use of innovative storage via the cloud.

Now more than ever, Personal Data is being recognised as a valuable business commodity, allowing businesses to gain better oversight through data analysis, putting people within easy reach of each other through the touch of a button or simply allowing brands to target their selected audience via Direct marketing campaigns.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary and the Trust Hogen team. Gary is a very reputable guy and what I liked about him was the way he made GDPR much more simple to understand."
Andrew Jancey
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