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Protect your company from damaging attacks aimed at gaining access to sensitive information

It would seem that technology affects every facet of our lives, from the way we work to how much time is spent with family. It’s no wonder then that when breaches happen in this industry it can have devastating effects on individuals and their communities alike; after all isn’t your personal information at risk too.

The technology industry is under attack! Three of the most common and damaging types in this field: denial-of-service attacks, phishing scams that capitalise on people’s curiosity for new information or offers they can’t afford–pretexting if you will (a little bit more about these later). Used with the aim to gain access to sensitive info such as passwords etc, often leading up towards financial fraud.


Phishing is a crafty form of hacking that can be used to obtain personal information, such as passwords and account details. These emails look very realistic so you may not know what’s wrong with them until it’s too late! From phishes come ransomware attacks which cause major damage within seconds if they’re successful in their objective- usually obtaining money or data by convincing someone something bad will happen without giving specifics on how this could occur.”

Denial of Service

Over 90% of attacks within this field are down to DDoS attacks. If a DDoS attack is not dealt with swiftly, it could bring your company to its knees in minutes. It’s often the simple patches that are forgotten and can expose an organisation at any time – don’t let this happen!


Pretexting is a form of social engineering that takes advantage of people’s natural responses and emotional state. Employees are often not trained to look for attacks, so they can be easily duped by this type of persuasion technique which mainly targets the human limbic system with its own set patterns in order make them believe something without question or hesitation — giving you access to their personal information while getting what they want!

You can’t have effective security without all three key elements – processes, people and technology. The best way to stay safe is by making sure these pieces work together seamlessly so that your organisation doesn’t fall victim in a cyber attack!

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