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Deep & Dark Web

Keep your company's sensitive information safe with Trust Hogen

At Trust Hogen, we work with a vast number of clients, including ultra-high net worth and high-profile individuals, who trust us to keep their information safe and away from the dark corners of the internet.

There’s no denying that if your emails, network or passwords were leaked onto the deep and dark web, the potential damage caused would be endless. That’s why we use our expert oversight across the entire web to actively monitor your chosen credentials, 24/7.

Deep and dark web monitoring is a process of actively watching for signs of data breaches, malicious activity and cyber-attacks. It helps businesses detect any potential threats on the deep web, dark web or wider internet before they can do serious damage.

Companies looking to mitigate any potential threats before they cause any damage should also consider our cyber threat intelligence service.


Our Approach

At Trust Hogen, we have a team of highly trained security specialists who use advanced technologies to scan for malicious code, malware and other threats across the deep and dark web.

We use sophisticated systems to continuously monitor your chosen credentials in order to identify any potential risks or hazards that may exist within the ever-changing landscape of the internet.

Offering real-time notifications to our clients when their data appears on the dark web, our service is designed to help protect you and your business from a potential attack.

Additionally, using deep and dark web intelligence can benefit businesses during mergers and acquisitions.

So, whether it’s your credit card details, email address, business domain name or perhaps your phone number or family details, we can search, locate and protect.

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