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Tailored GDPR, Cyber Security and Data Protection Courses to suit your needs, company and sector.

“If you have to learn about GDPR and Cyber security I highly recommend Trust Hogen, they have a wealth of experience that makes what’s sometimes a boring topic engaging.”

Why Cyber Essentials?

Getting the Privacy First Culture into your organisation is a process that requires both time and effort, but reaps major rewards.

It’s an investment that is becoming increasingly important to help protect your most valuable assets, including customers, suppliers and employees.

Training and Awareness for GDPR, Cyber Security and Data Protection helps organisations understand the risks associated with data management processes, how to proactively protect the organisation from malicious threats, and how to develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

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Our Approach

Here at Trust Hogen, we offer courses for beginners who are just starting out on their journey towards a Privacy First Culture as well as advanced courses for those looking for more detailed information about the various components of GDPR, Cyber Security and Data Protection.

To begin, we will engage with your staff members about why this change will benefit them in order for it to be effective. We will also ask what they think could happen if there were issues along these lines before implementation began.

Teaching members of staff how to identify potential threats and how to deal with them is the first step towards developing a Privacy First Culture.

Finally, we will help you plan for any incident or breach that may arise so that you are able to respond quickly and appropriately.

At Trust Hogen we are passionate about helping organisations achieve this goal and will work with you to create tailored courses that are specific to each client.

With our help, you can make sure that your company is prepared for the latest GDPR and Data Privacy regulations. We offer site visits or even e-learning packages to provide a better understanding of some must-haves under the GDPR act.

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