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A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is an essential element of a business’s overall security strategy as it can help identify, respond to, and prevent potential threats.

The cost of a breach, especially when the loss and corruption of data or customer defection are considered, can far outweigh the price of on-hand SOC personnel. It is a centralised hub or team within an organisation that focuses on monitoring and analysing activities related to security threats.

Working 24/7, 365, a Security Operations Centre is responsible for the day-to-day cybersecurity operations of corporate networks, including monitoring, detecting and responding to security events, alerting staff to potential threats and responding quickly to any incidents.


Security Operations Centres are critical for responding to cybersecurity incidents quickly, containing any damage, and restoring normal operations. They detect threats by analysing logs from multiple sources such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, honeypots, backups and antivirus programmes.

The Security Operations Centre also handles the response to these incidents. This involves isolating affected systems, mitigating the risk posed by identified threats, and helping restore normal operations. Security Operations Centres have the power to assess and prioritise responses according to the risk posed by a particular threat.

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