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Vulnerability Scanning

A trusted vulnerability scanner has quickly become a key aspect of cyber-security for modern businesses

scanning For Vulnerabilities

By scanning through vulnerabilities in their vitally important computer systems or networks, companies can bring light to assets that could be exploited by attackers, leading to data theft, system crashes, or even complete system takeovers.

Trying to identify these vulnerabilities yourself can be an incredibly tough (if not impossible) task for most people.

Luckily, vulnerability scanners are completely automated, meaning that you can easily identify and fix weaknesses in your systems and devices before attackers ever have a chance to exploit them.

Additionally, vulnerability scanning is an essential part of meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Click the link to discover more.

Businesses seeking optimal security should also consider Trust Hogen’s highly efficient pen testing and Security Operations Centre services.


Our vulnerability scanner will provide you with information regarding:

At Trust Hogen, we run five types of vulnerability scans to ensure full protection of your devices and networks. These scans will:

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