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The energy sector

The energy sector has seen an increase in Web App attacks, social engineering and credential theft. These threats come from both external actors as well as those who work within this industry itself which threatens its vast majority of critical infrastructure control systems around the world – meaning any successful attack could cause devastating consequences for all involved!

There’s no doubt that the energy industry is one of, if not the most vital component to any country’s economic success. This isn’t just because it provides us with power – though this alone makes its importance understandable- but also how vulnerable organisations can be when they’re so dependent on outside forces for their very survival! Energy firms often find themselves under attack by organised crime groups who utilise vulnerabilities in systems which are prone to THIS sort of vulnerability – taking advantage while tensions mount between different countries over resources or trade routes.

Nation State Actors

Nation state actors are attempting to compromise, disturb or sway an organisation in order gain access to intelligence that could have significant impact on those involved. Sometimes they do this for monetary gain; other times it’s social change or even enhancing reputation if the actor believes their target audience will believe what he/she says about him/herself afterwards.


In the past few years, ransomware attacks have increased on energy companies around the world. The reason for this increase could be traced back to high demands made by these criminals who want ransom money or files decrypted in order not only disrupt business but also cause major financial loss through interruption of services like power distribution that rely heavily upon electronics systems running smoothly with no glitches whatsoever at all times which isn’t always possible if you get caught up into one!

Web Applications

Web applications often have vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit to gain access to databases, sensitive data and financial details. Once this information is obtained by the criminal it could rapidly escalate into a ransomware situation where an entire corporation may be cripplingly impacted within minutes.

The three key elements to ensuring security are processes, people and technology. Processes must run seamlessly alongside your organisation while experts detect risks in real time with ability to understand context which is critical for effective threat detection; it’s not one or two items that make up the whole but rather all aspects work together synergistically towards a common goal – keeping you safe!

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