The retail industry has been getting hit hard by hackers who are targeting eCommerce sites and large companies alike. From aggressive ransomware to DNS attacks, it seems like no one is safe when they have access to the internet!

The retail sector has always been a popular target for hackers. But as COVID-19 and our changing lifestyle where more of us shop online, this year there’s been an increase in cyberattacks on websites that operate out digital doors – including those who sell clothes!


The data breaches and phishing attacks are becoming more frequent in today’s world. It can be hard to tell the difference between what is genuine or fake, but with a little training anyone could spot it!


Some hackers will place unauthorised ads in browsers and websites, directing visitors to alternative products or sites. They may also redirect you away from the original destination of your web search and onto another competing website containing malware which can infect your device with viruses if clicked on without protection; this is known as “customer journey hijacking.”

Web Attacks

The recent increase in web attacks has shown no signs of slowing down. This means that even companies with adequate security procedures are at risk, because they don’t have the latest software or updates available for their payment application systems. 

In 2017 alone there were more than 250 million records compromised by hackers who installed malware onto these applications just so they could steal personal information including bank details and private data.

In light of the vast majority (over 90%) control structure and critical data in this industry, successful attacks have a significant impact. These elements include processes that must run seamlessly alongside your organisation while security expert at Trust Hogen detect risks with ease as well as people who understand how to react accordingly when they identify one or more potential cyber threats; all three key components – process improvement through technology integration-are equally imperative for effective enterprise protection!

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