Trust Hogen was founded in 2019 by Gary Langrish, our Managing Director.
Gary has a wealth of experience in the intelligence, information and data protection arena. Having operated in various sectors including Law Enforcement, Central Government, Retail, Financial Services and more recently, within the UK’s Tax Authority.

As a former Detective Sergeant, Gary was involved in numerous high-profile projects including the London 2012 Olympics, he was also, a co-founder of the National Festival Intelligence Working Group and also headed the intelligence function at Operation Resolve and the inquest into the 1989 Hillsborough Football Disaster.

Now specialising in Information Security and Data Privacy, Gary has led privacy programmes at Marks and Spencer PLC, Yorkshire Building Society and the HMRC.

Trust Hogen pride itself in providing simplified and cost-effective GDPR advice to UK businesses, helping to enhance their compliance position and empower their client base.



Our aim is to make professional data protection advice accessible and affordable to all businesses.
  • We will be open and honest
  • We will be accountable
  • We will build trust
  • We will always keep it simple

This steep evolution now means that organisations that process Personal Data now have a huge responsibility to protect people’s information, through understanding and improving human behaviours, gaining better understanding of their systems and creating robust documentation to support their ways of working. The price for getting it wrong..? ‘Up to 4% of global turnover or 20m Euros’.

“As a specialist in Business Protection I get involved in conversions about all kinds of risk in business. Every time I say “speak to an expert” It’s vital to have an expert in your corner, keeping you safe, compliant and therefore protected from reputational and financial loss. Gary is an absolute expert in his field, he eats, sleeps and breathes GDPR but manages to convey it in terms you can understand and just as importantly, implement. One of, if not the best in his field” he comes highly recommended.
Martin Byrne
Business Protect Ltd