Training & Awareness

Training and Awareness

Tailored GDPR and Privacy Courses to suite your needs, company and sector.

We have a wealth of experience with regards to embedding a Privacy First Culture into your organisation. Perhaps you need to engage your staff before the commencement of a project or maybe it’s simply a refresher for the team?

“If you have to learn about GDPR and Cyber security I highly recommend Gary he has a wealth of experience and makes what’s sometimes a boring topic engaging.”

Either way, we can help by conducting site visits for face to face delivery or even provide award-winning e-learning packages to help with the understanding of some of the GDPR Must-Haves?

"I never thought I’d see the day when I hear positive feedback from my team about a GDPR training session, but Garry made that a reality! Highly recommended. His approach to training is very engaging, and I really appreciated that the contents and delivery of the session wasp for discussion as we needed up with something that was truly tailor made for our needs."
Anastasia Vasiutina
Operating Manager at Caroo

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