Supply Chain Monitoring

Supply chains are a valuable business commodity, keep them safe.

Globally, Privacy & Security

Supply chains are a valuable business commodity, often acting as important extensions to your business and affecting your ability to deliver.

More recently, world events and conflict have made ‘State Sponsored’ cyber criminals move their attention to the weak links within your supply chains.

Globally, Privacy and Security Regulators are growing more concerned at the false sense of competence and comfort that contractual terms and ‘service promises’ are affording businesses.

So whilst your proposed supplier has Cyber Security standards in place, how do you know they are employing best practices all year round.

Many organisations also rely on other controls such as ‘the right to conduct site audits’, but how would you perform this during travel restrictions? Is this sustainable or even scalable?

Indeed, even the most robust controls are breachable if credentials are leaked in illicit market places, such as the Deep and Dark Web!

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